In the Zoo

Praise the Lord, we had great weather to the zoo today.Xinxin wake up every early today because we planned to go to the zoo today. But after her breakfast, it started to rain. Xinxin was very sad and kept asking when the rain would stop.Then we waited until she finished her second bowl of porridge,the sun came up. She was so happy. And my mother prepared some food for us.We had a great time in the zoo. We missed some animals because xinxin was hungry, but we saw her favorite Elephant Show. She is still very scared to feed the elephants.And we had a good time at the monkeys. Xinxin was born at the year of Monkey, and maybe that's the reason she loves Monkey a lot. It's really worth for her age to go to the zoo,because now she really sees them and ask questions like:“why the backside of the monkey is pink”.HA HA...

Finally, my husband agrees to let xinxin check the blood count next Monday (wait for the God's guidance).So any result we will be happy to accept it. For the our application to HK, the result will be out in the early Sep. And we also will wait for her blood result. I think we will either go to HK in the early Sep( if her blood counts are not good enough)or in the late Sep( if her count are good enough for next round of Chemo next Monday).Because the doctors want her count to be good enough to fly to HK.So we just need to be patient and listen to the God's idea and obey it.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin.Thank you very much.

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XinXin is so cute and pretty baby girl. I cross my fingers for her! BE STRONG!BE HAPPY!