Feb.23rd,2009 Monday

I am going to mainland China with my parents tomorrow--Feb.24. When my husband booked the ticket we didn't realize how special the date is.
Suddenly, I realize that on Feb 24,2001 I got married with my husband at the age of 23.(you can figure out how old I am now) It's exactly 8 years since we have been married and 11 years since we have known each other.Time really flies. Everything seems just happened yesterday.

In the past month, I felt I got lost, I don't know what my life aim is. Every day, I seem to be very normal,but I cried almost every night.I cried when I heard the news of another kid fighting with cancer. I cried when I see people die. This is really the first time in my life that death is so near to me and it really broke my heart.
Some people told me that;"you are still young, when you get the second baby, you will forget your first one."
It seems they don't understand the feeling of losing a child.It's a feeling that no one wants to have and no parents should ever have . The pain of losing a child is so painful that I think HUGE is not big enough to describe it,especially when you recall the bad time your child had experienced. The pain is like a knife cutting the heart once a while and it never seems to stop.

I am writing my feeling here because I want all of you to treasure your life with your families if you are fortunately to be healthy. And please help those whose family is having a kid with cancer. You will never know their life. And I am very thankful that we are very lucky to have a lot of friends' help when we are unfortunately to have my daughter with cancer. Friends' help really make it very different--prayers,emails, messages, calls,gifts and financial support.
Thank you for all of your support in the past 14 months.


Last night, my heart is overwhelmed with sorrow,Actually, I wanted to call friends and I know a lot of my good fiends are willing to listen to me, but I am sorry that I don't know how to share the feeling of losing my preciouse kid. It's really hard.But God knows everything for sure. I cried and cried and my husband kept telling me that he is with me anyway. I weep before the Lord, and didn't know what to do. A friend who I knew only day before Xinxin's death called me.I started to cry when I answered the call,his son died 8 months ago because of cancer. He listened to me and shared with me his feeling for a long time. Isn't God nice enough to arange his angel to comfort me when I was in need.

After the call, there is one word kept in my mind,which we didn't mention during the call:
"我的恩典够用“--"My grace is sufficient."

Feb. 4th, 2008 Thinking of Xinxin

I planned to bring my husband to the park Xinxin and I used to play, which is only five minutes' walk,and my husband never had a chance to go with us. But we came to the sports ground instead.It was a very nice place for exercise, but my minds is with Xinxin. I was asking why this big world cannot allow a tiny tiny place for my daughter.
I really want to know how is Xinxin now.One friend told me that she is in a better place.I also told my parents that she is taken good care by God now. But deep in my mind, I can not really let go at all.
Who wants to die?No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. Everyone knows that heaven is a better place, but why do we still love to live here? Why do my kid only have a few years here?

And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. The only question us why MY kid must suffer all the pains most adults never experienced?

I talked to Xinxin a few times about death before her passing.Every time, she listened to me quietly and asked me a few questions like: will I get food there? But does she really understand what death meant?I don't know, maybe she knows, maybe not. I was so afraid that she would asked me to go with her together,because she asks me to stay with her every minute in her last few months.But she never asked me to go with her.
The last time talking about death was on the day before her last day, I ask crying because I knew I couldn't keep her here for long any more,Xinxin tried to hold my hands, but she was too weak to reach,but she told me clearly the most touchingly sentence:Mommy, don't worry about me.
I have promised her, but I really cannot make it. Xinxin asked me not to lie to her...

Feb.2nd,2009 Monday

I am sorry Xinxin that I couldn't save you.
This is the word we heard my father was talking to Xinxin on her Funeral. And today I read it on another NB's website. Tears can not help....It seems that every parent or grandparent are the same. When we see our kid or grand kid face death, we couldn't do anything and how we wish that we could be the one who is suffering...

It has been gone for just over three weeks now and it doesn’t seem real yet. My husband gets the habit to call me during the day time and the first word is:"how is Xinxin?" He asked the same questions and he answered by himself : you should be fine without Xinxin.

We try to keep ourselves somewhat busy during our Chinese New year holiday, but it doesn't make us miss her any less.
Xinxin came to his dream frequently, but only once to mine ---she was doing a scan without crying.
I asked Shuyuan what if Xinxin cannot recognise us or whether she will be same when we meet her again.

Hugs and kisses to my little Angel, we love you forever. Please continue the prayers.

I got a few phone calls from new NB family and it reminded me that the pain Xinxin had to go through.I recalled the time when Xinxin was diagnosed, I was angry with the doctors because they couldn't diagnosed earlier and I was mad at everyone who I met in the hospital.. It could be very difficult for these family.
My heart broke. I was reminded of the stress, the worry of having a child in cancer treatment. And the question why my kid is having cancer will be in the brain forever once for sure our kid had cancer .Every ache, every bruise, every complaint...Please continue to pray for all the children and their families who have cancer. There is no complete rest from the worry for them.