Shu Qin's update-- 17th August, 2008

Dear Friends,
Thanks for praying. Xinxin is still doing great. Today she doen't have any antibiotics and only have TPN.She is eating very well.
The whole day she ate 6 bowls of plain porridge. Today two friends came to see her and told us that xinxin looks very peaceful and cheerful. She waved to the friends to say hi from the window even though she still feels a little bit tired. She is still on the bed the whole day.

The only problem is that she looks very swollen--maybe too much water in her body can not pass out. But the doctor insisted that she is normal. No, she is not. I know my daughter, she suddenly gain 2.1kg within 4 days, it's abnormal. The nurse made a mistake--her lipid finished within 3 hours which should be in 24 hours. Let's just pray for Xinxin.

For her next round of Chemo, we still haven't make agreement. I will just ask Dr.Chan tomorrow.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin.
Wish a good week ahead of you all.
Thank you very much.