Usually xinxin sleeps around 8 o'clock. We planned to go to Northpoint to buy some clothes for her since it will be cold in HK. But last night,xinxin was very excited,she didn't sleep until midnight.So I patted her for a long time,but she just kept talking to me. When I was talking about next round of Chemo to her( I usually will let her know earlier of her appointment, so she will get prepared also), my husband asked me if I really want her to do the chemo next Monday. Do I really want her to do Chemo? I dare not recall the hard time she had for the past two weeks.I swear no parents want their child to go through that. But do I really have a choice? So I just told my husband we would see her blood counts next week first. Now her counts is good enough because of GCSF(the shot to boost the counts up). Xinxin just told me:"let's pray, we must pray hard". Yes, we should pray for God's decision. So everything is on God's hand, whether she can do or not, I will be happy for the choice of God.Xinxin is the reminder of god.

Xinxin is doing great today.She got up very early(sleeps late and gets up early)-before the grandparents came back for the market. So I have to cook porridge for her. Waiting for her breakfast, I read two story books for her,because the daddy was pretending to sleep. After breakfast, she did the drawing with her grandfather. While I was having my breakfast, she had a few more spoons of porridge with a piece of bread. Then we went Yishun Park again. She had a good time today in the park. How Nice it is to for us to live so near to Yishun Park. The whole afternoon, she was busy with drawing and coloring in the computer.Now she is really good at using the mouse. After dinner, she is very tired, and now is already in her dreams.
Please continue to pray for her, thank you very much.

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It is so wonderful that Joy is well enough to return home! You are doing very well, Joy. Take heart and peace always. Regards, San San

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It is so encouraging to read your blog and see how God lead you through. We will continue to pray for xinxin and your whole family.