I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Today Xinxin is also doing very great. Because she can only tolerate plain porridge, so she feels hungry very frequently, Every two hours, we have to feed her. The morning she wrote English letters for a while. Only recently, she can write by herself. She used to only trace the dots. I asked her to try to write by herself. But she found reasons to refuse. After her sickness, I usually don't want to force her to study. If she has interests, she just does something she likes. It seems she likes English and coloring a lot. Numbers(Maths) is also her favorite.In the afternoon, she did some coloring of PANDAS. She knows a lot of animals but doesn't know Panda. So she and I searched the pictures of panda, and I asked her to remember which parts are black,and then I drew some pandas in a piece of paper and ask her to color the black parts. She loves it a lot. Hope one day she can grow up and see the panda in China.

There is a pond near where we live. we went there this afternoon to take some water for our gold fish at home.Xinxin loves to see the grandfather changing the water for the fish and she likes to feed them..

For the next round of Chemo, I am still do not know what to do because my husband is strongly against the chemo. He wanted xinxin to rest for one month. And my idea is to follow the doctor's advice. But my husband said after I believe in God, I seemed crazy, and don't want to show love to xinxin. Sometimes it's really hard to talk with him. Last night's talk ended with argument for no result.I was very sad, and went to read one book my friend passed to me which is about a pastor's walk with God through cancer.When I continue to read, one sentence appeared to my eyes:
I consider that our present sufferings are not Worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.I felt much peaceful,thank you, Lord, for loving me and showing me your care everywhere.
So let's just pray for the God's guidance. Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Amen to the verse you share! How true it is! I don't know why, but these few days I keep on thinking that we should trust God's merciful and powerful healing rather than man-made medicine. A man is the head of the house. Though Xinxin's dad doesn't believe in God, I think he should be respected besides the doctor. My point is that: be peaceful even if you have to compromise with Shu Yuan by delaying the next round of Chemo treatment. God is all powerful that He can turn bad to good. One point to note is that you ought to pray to God before making the decision--see if you have peace with the option. We're praying with you... Blessings