Sep 9th, 2008 Tuesday

Thank God.Xinxin is doing great at home.She had four times porridge and two times noodle and one big banana. I am very happy to tell you that her stool is no more blood. Her blood count is very low, I tried to keep her at home, she did some writing and played some games at home.This afternoon, we went to Yishun Park as Xinxin wanted to go there very much.

All of us are very happy to see she is active at home. My husband even asked me why she could tolerate this cycle of Chemo.Before I could say anything, Xinxin quickly said:God healed me.My husband asked: How did you know? Xinxin answered:Even you are made by God. Do not worry, God has healed me.

Xinxin's answer is the best answer I can think of. what should we say except Thank God. Xinixn is just the reminder. Even in the afternoon,when I read the new book given by my friend Emily, she asked me if we were at the Garden of Eden, will I eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? It was really hard, so I told her: I don't know and I hope I won't. But sephe told me, if we were there, she will remind me and she will remind the grandmother... Yes, God wants all of us become kids as pure as Xinxin who is His favorite. I want to thank God for sending Xinxin to me and let me know more than I can about Him.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you very much.