Sep14th 2008 Sunday

Wish everybody had a blessed Mid-autumn Festival.

We had a great day today. Yesterday, my husband wanted to buy moon cakes, I stopped him because I know it will be cheaper today. The early morning, our neighbour gave us two moon cakes and some lanterns for Xinxin. And in the afternoon, my friend Shoufeng and her hubby Longjiang came to see us. They also passed some moon cake bought by our friend-Hanhui. Thank you all these friends and thank God to let us having a blessed Mid-autumn Festival.
Xinxin is still doing great-eating well and have fun at home. The whole day she stayed at home, except late afternoon, she went to Yishun Park for a while. One thing is that in China children have lanterns on Lunar Jan.15. But anyway When in Rome, Do as the Romans do. So we also have fun with the laterns this year on Mid-autumn Festival.

Wish everybody a pleasant week ahead of you.