Sep15th,2008 Monday

Xinxin had one time of watery stool. Xinxin's diarrhea is our headache now.Everyday, my husband's first question after work will be:How many times? She can not tolerate milk for almost half a year, which made her very sad and skinny. Her intesty moved very fast. And the strong Chemo made her immune system very low, so she is easy to to have yeast in her body. I guess everybody has yeast, but it seems she is very sensitive to yeast.Please pray for that.
Other than diarrhea, she is fine today. We went to Yishun Park again. It is so nice that we can go to the Nature place every day. It would be great if she were not sick. But if she were not sick, would we come here everyday? Definitely no. We will very busy everyday, and Xinxin will be forced to learn all those Kid-Must-learn things, like drawing, English,singing or maybe Piano as I used to plan to put her into class. And she has to be the top student not to make parents disappointed and goes to the best school we could find for her. And only now, when she is so sick, we can put everything down and enjoy the simple life.But it is still not too late, at least we realize it now. So we should thank God to let us realize which is more important in our short life in the world.