Oct 31st,2008 Friday

We moved to the new flat in Tsing Yi yesterday. And Xinxin went to QMH for a FBC(full blood count) check up. The platelets was only 34 which is too low (it should be more than 100) for the next round of Chemo, so we have to wait until her counts are good enough although her Neu is already 1.5. We will go back to the hospital next Thursday.
Thank God that Xinxin'ts leg is better. Let's pray after next round of the chemo, her leg will be normal and so we can bring her to the Disney land soon.

We are very busy with all the things (10+ luggage) in the new flat. And I am wondering how we can take all the things from Singapore and still need a lot more things to buy.

Our new flat is quite tiny compared to the one my husband's company provided. The bedroom is really a bedroom because you can only put one bed inside.But we thank God for providing the good condition with the reasonable price.

Please pray for Xinxin and for me- In the last past few days I threw tantrums very easily to everyone in the family,I feel bad about it, but it seems I cannot control myself every time.Thank God that the families are very understanding.
Wish everybody a good weekend and a wonderful month ahead of you.

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Unknown 说...

Dear sister Youwei,

Wanna share this with you:
2 Corinthians 1:8-11. We help you by our prayers. May the Lord grant you peace, wisdom and strength. We suffered from this news together with you.As we have renewed our strength in the Lord, may your strength be renewed too. Peace to your family. Great weekend to you all.

Love in Christ,
brothers and sisters from Rainbow Home Church

匿名 说...

Dear Joy,

I can fully understand how you feel. Your frustrations and worries. I threw my temper at my husband too most of the times despite him not going to work, trying to help me in every way. Just have to believe there's a way and a cure.

All of us are fine. We are going to Malaysia next two weeks for a break too.

Take care and We love all of you!!!