Oct.28th,2008 Tuesday

Abba Father, I trust You to look after my daughter-Xinxin.
Thank God, Xinxin is still doing fine. She can sleep one whole night without complaining leg pain. Her appetite is still great but cannot tolerate many things.
Today we went to a new park near where we live.It's a very nice and big park. We enjoyed a lot.But we didn't know it before, a neighbour told us when we were downstairs yesterday. Tomorrow we will take some photos in that park. What a pity--we are moving on Thursday when Xinxin is in the hospital, which is easier to move without her disturbing.
Xinxin had a three-hour nap and that's why she is still playing with the daddy now at 11pm.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you.

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Never give up. A good day is coming.
Alex Lee

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The new treatment seems to work for Xinxin as I can see you are more relieved that she complains lesser. Dear Lord. pls cure her completely and let the whole family leads a normal life. Thank you so much, Lord.

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