Nov. 16th 2008, Sunday

Xinxin's appetite is still good as usual. But she is still complaining pain here and there. It's hard to tell whether it is because of her cancer cells or the 3F8 treatment. So she is taking the pain killers.

Winter is really coming.We feel very cool at night , and the daddy even caught a cold. But Xinxin has enough warm clothes bought by a few friends before we came to HK, so do not worry about Xinxin.
The daddy and the grandparents went to Shenzhen to buy some quilts and clothes. Xinxin and I had a good time at home enjoying cooking and eating by ourselves and made the flat a huge mess without being scolded by anyone. Ha ha. With the painkiller, Xinxin grasps every second to enjoy life, which makes us to be strong also.
Thank God for holding Xinxin to go through all these.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you. Wish you a good week ahead of you.