Nov.28th,2008 Friday

Xinxin had a a RT in the morning and had a great time with the CCF sister although she can only lie down on the bed. In HK, there is also another foundation called CCF(children's cancer foundation).And the doctor referred Xinxin's case to CCF to see if they can arrange something special for her. They are planning to bring her to Disneyland or Ocean Park if her condition allows.

So please pray that after the two-week RT, her situation will be good enough.
Please pray at 11:30--12:00 as her RT will be done during this time every day except Sunday.
Thank you.
Wish every one a blessed weekend

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匿名 说...

Several days has been pasted, but your condition still gives me so much worries. I greatly believe the generous will be given to you by the God in the coming days. He also feels the suffering all along, and he will accompany with you, my lovery niece. Your aunt will fly to HK and she will see you at the hospital, it will be a enjoy time when she see the status has became better. After the last sight of you, so much things occur at you, however, you are a girl with strong mind, I feel very proud and pray for you can refreshed very soon. Your grandfather and grandmother also hope you can cure and come back to the hometown to see them in these two years, your sister-Shuwei also hope you can play with she. All the thing will be pasted and everything will become better.

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Hope her grandparents can see her.