Nov.5th,2008 Wednesday

Xinxin is still complaining the shoulder pain, and it is swollen. The pain killer doesn't make it better. She is warm-(37.7--37.9).Let's pray that she won't have fever tonight and her platelets is good enough for next round of Chemo.Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Glad that you are getting used to the HK lifestyle and starting to like it. Are you staying near the Maritime Square?

Hope Xin Xin can stay away from the fever. Do mention the arm/shoulder pain to the doctors tomorrow at your visit to QMH. Good luck.

Jenn & Adrian

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

I don't know the square's name near our home, but I know we live very near to the MRT-Greenfield garden.
Best wished to Adrian.