Nov.8th,2008 Friday

We are still in QMH as Xinxin is having fever(around 39.2) and she is on the oral antibiotics because the doctor didn't think her fever is because of infection but her cancer cells. I agree with the doctors because her White Blood Cells is 6 and NEU is 4+. Her shoulder and neck is very painful.

But despite of her fever, they started the Chemo for her and she vomited some watery things since she didn't eat anything today.

She did have a good time in the afternoon with the CCF member.

Please pray that she will be better tomorrow. Thank you and wish you a good weekend ahead of you.

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匿名 说...

An inspiritional short video to remind us God's lovr.

ballerina 说...

i will pray for you shu qin pls continue to be strong cause God will always be with you
love aunty doreen and tiffany(her grand daughter) pls link me pls email me