Dec.16th,2008 Tuesday

Xinxin is feeling a little bit better thought she is still in morphine and TPN.From today on till the end of this year, the head doctor of Ward7N becomes Dr.Chiang--who is a very patient doctor.It him took about half an hour to see Xinxin's situation.And finally, he decided to let Xinxin try one drug called Zomata from USA for the bone pain. It is not used to cure Nueroblastoma, but can release the pain from the bone.And he planned to discharge us before Chrismas if her pain is relief. It is really a good piece of news--at lease we know we might be able to go home for a few days.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Yes, Dr Chiang is famous of sending patients home for holidays. He did the same thing last year. Good to know that at least there's some more meds out there that might help to improve XinXin's situation. Hope it helps in the end.

Jenn & Adrian

匿名 说...

Hi Joy..

good to be home for Christmas. We're sending almost all the patients here home before the holiday. We're all thinking about you and Shu Qin. Keeping you in our thoughts..

Love, Nurul (Ward 76)