Dec.29th, 2008 Monday

I was very sick yesterday-- headache and sleepy the whole afternoon and I
complained the daddy cannot help anything.
I was very worried about Xinxin,--if I am sick, she will cry because she needs only me to stay with her 24 hours a day.Thank God, He healed me last night after a cup of hot water and some back massage by the daddy.

Today one of the patients mummy came to ask me why I am always very strong and positive. Her kid is not having cancer, but she cried many times. Instead of telling her that I also cried many times, I asked her not to waste time for being sad,which is not helpful for our kids at all.
And I shared a video with her--a story about a man called Nick born without limbs.He shared his experience of God's love.

It was recommended by two of my good friends--Yanqiong and Emily.

Please make sure that you watch this video and learn to trust and praise God in ALL circumstances!
Detailed infor about this strong man of God can be found at

Tomorrow Dr. Chiang will discuss the pain control with the pain team. Dr. Chiang is still the team head of this week. Our doctor--Dr. Chan is on leave and he came to see us before Christmas.
Actually the pain doctor came to Xinxin twice a week to give suggestions. But always our doctor will just make decisions by themselves.
Xinxin is still very tired and can not sleep very well. And she wake up several time during night.
Please continue to pray for her.
Thank you.

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Hans' Mom 说...

your xin xin is adorable!
praying for her healing and that her pain will be relieved!
lara and family
mom of Hans