Jan25th, 2009

Dear friends,Thank you for your prayers, thought, concern and help.
Wish you a blessed Chinese New Year.
We miss Xinxin very much.

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Yanqiong 说...

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Niu Year! May each single day of 2009 be full of grace & blessings to you & your family!

Vickie 说...

I think of you and your precious girl every day and hope that you can treat yourself with gentle kindness in your loos.


Java Developer 说...

Happy Chinese New Year!


00611014_IceeFalL 说...

Our New Year begins... Please, leave the sorrow behind... I guess it is really hard but I do hope you and your family will live a happy life... With Xinxin in our memory, we remember her braveness and be brave as she did...
HAPPY Spring Festival!

Tao Ruoting