Xinxin's funeral on Jan.16th,2009

Thanks God that Xinxin's funeral was great with a lot friends' attendance--Shu Yuan's friends( his company's CTO, the Director, managers and colleagues), our brothers and sisters in Christ, the medical staff, the CCF staff( Xinxin's Sister tian, Sister zen and Ms.Shi Tu) and Kan's family.
All these friends are new to us,we knew some of them them only a few days ago.So we are very grateful to have all these friends here with us.

We arrived QMH around 11:00 am and we prayed before we saw Xinxin. My husband started to cry loudly when he first saw xinxin and all of us cried for a while. Then we started to change clothes for Xinxin. Xinxin looks much better than her on Saturday--she is smiling at us. My mother and Shu yuan also told me that Xinxin has a smiling face later after we came back home which I know it's true that Xinxin is living peacefully with Father now.

We also put some of Xinxin's favourite snacks, toys and a lot clothes in her PINK Coffin( Shu Yuan requested for a pink one as we know Xinxin loves Pink). She looks very peaceful and pretty as usual.

Then we started to sing her favorite song--JESUS LOVES ME three times and Mr. Xie read us some words in the bible. And all of us come close to see Xinxin and talk to her. I prayed for her.We started to cry again as we know it is the last time for us to see her. My father kept blaming himself not to take good care of Xinxin and cannot suffer for her.

Shu Yuan took Xinxin's PHOTO and we went to the crematorium at 12:30 pm. At the crematorium, we sing some songs and Mr. Xie read us some words from the Bible and we sang some more songs. And each of us gave Xinxin a pink color rose, and we cried and cried...

I know Xinxin is living happily in the Paradise without needles and no disease called Neurablastumor any more.
We are peaceful that Xinxin is not suffering anymore.

Once again we want to thank all those who are with us , help us and pray for us. God answers our prayers and He knows the best for us.

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匿名 说...

I am thankful that you the whold family are so brave. What you said in the last is very right, God is wiser than us and He knows what is better and best. Sometimes we just can not understand, but maybe a few years later you will get to know how great God is.

May the One who gives the peace and console us continously protecting you and guiding you.

Java Developer 说...

Xinxin .....goodbye!


匿名 说...

I came across your site through the Mikulak blog, and wanted to say how very sorry I am for the loss of your precious Xinxin. Please know that we will keep your family in our prayers.

With love,
Leigh William
San Diego, CA