August 25,2008 MondayI

Iwish everybody a good week ahead.Today my friend,Emily, drove us to KKH although her home is in the East.It's quite a distance to drive form her home to my home and then to KKH.We just feel bad about it, but she insisted to help us. Isn't she nice?

And xinxin had her blood checked. The blood count is not good enough for the Chemo.We will go to KKH next Monday(Sep 1st) again. So everyone is so happy because xinxin can rest one more week. I believe this is God's will-to build up xinxin some more. She can only tolerate plain porridge and noodles. Today she drank some cooked apple water, so far so good.She looks very skinny.

Yesterday,Hanhui came to pray for xinxin. It's only one month from last time she saw xinxin. She told us Xinxin looks smaller.Yes, that's our worries also. Please pray that xinxin can tolerate more things.

Xinxin did the Art and Craft with the grandfather at home today.

My CCF social worker is still on leave until the end of this month.Maybe next Monday I can meet her.Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you very much.

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Dear Joy,

Just a quick note to let you know I am thinking of you and praying for Xinxin. I know that she is weak and cannot have a lot of people around her all the time, but maybe it would be helpful to mentally envision the image of all your friends and loved ones standing around her bed, each placing a hand on Xinxin. In your mind, see each person praying for Xinxin and mentally lifting her up, surrounded and engulfed by the Light of God's love.

In fact, maybe if you select a specific time on a specific day and then tell everybody through the blog a few days in advance, everyone could stop what they are doing at that particular, specific time and concentrate on praying for Xinxin. If I know what day and time you would be doing this, I will pray at that time, too. (I will go on-line to find out exactly what the time difference between Singapore and Ohio is.)

In any case, know that I keep Xinxin close to my heart and pray for her daily. I am keeping you and Shu Yuan close, also. I am very glad to know you have good, caring friends there who are making this difficult journey with you.

Hang in there, and keep the faith.

Much love,

Anne :-)