Tomorrow we will go back to KKH

Tomorrow we will go back to KKH
Actually we planned to bring Xinxin to a pond today. But when she wakes up, her diarrhea seems to be worse and she is not having a good appetite.And we have a lot of things needs washing.So my husband decided to keep xinxin at home though xinxin was quite sad. But xinxin and the daddy had a good time for Art and Craft.Can you figure out what the things in Xinxin's hand are going to be like? Hopefully I will know the result soon. They planned to make a house first, but they changed the idea when they found they couldn't. They did it all by their imagination with plain paper.Tomorrow we will go to KKH for the next round of Chemo. Please continue to pray for Xinxin.

The following message is from my freind Anne who I know them when I was in the university almost tem years ago. She only knew xinxin's situation when she emailed me last month.

I have booked marked Xinxin's blog on my computer so that I can access it easily each day. I am always praying for you, Xinxin, and your husband. I believe it is a testament to how dearly Shu Yuan loves his daughter that he is so angry with God right now. Please don't stress about this. God understands, loves Shu Yuan, and is waiting patiently for him to accept His love and support. With God, we can survive Life's biggest difficulties; without Him, nothing else matters. Shu Yuan is blessed to have you, Joy.
Thank you for allowing me to be your friend. Here is something I read today (author is unknown): "A friend will strengthen you with her prayers, bless you with her love, and encourage you with her hope." I am your friend, and I hope I can be all these things for you.
Someday, when things are better and you have more time, I hope you will share with me more about your journey to Christ. As I recall, when Katie and I were in China, you were still skeptical and not yet a believer, so I am very, very glad to know that someone shared the Good News with you in a way that made God's love known to you.Take care, dear Joy. Know that I love you and care about you and your family. God is blessing you now.
Love,Anne :-)

Frankly speaking, I would never believe in God if Xinxin was not sick. We were taught:THERE IS NO GOD IN THE WORLD when we were young at school. The people around me seemed nobody believe in God. Only one person I know that believe in God because something is abnormal to her. So I was normal, why do I need God's help? why do I waste my time to believe in somebody I have never seen.I am sorry when I mention all these.

As I have written yesterday, when xinxin's first appointment in K clinic KKH, two pastor came to talk to me and passed me one English Bible( this is the second one I have, Anne passed me one nine years ago) I started to read a little bit. Later I got my first Chinese Bible from Emily, then my second Chinese one from Christina and Tricia.All these good books brings me nearer to Him

My friends Liu Jun,Yanqiong and some other friends came to my home to pray for Xinxin almost every weekend. They told me ONLY GOD CAN HEAL HER. I accept God and want God to heal xinxin. So I started to pray for xinxin at home every day and started to know more about God. And I recalled the way I walked, I can feel the love of God and the peace in my heart. How nice it is to know God. So I should thank you all my friends who pray for us at home, in the hospital and provide help and more importantly for letting me know God.The more I know him, the happier I feel.Thank you so much my friends . You are the one to make me to know Him.Because I saw the way you are doing is so good for me to learn.
Thanks a lot.