August 27th,2008 Wednesday

Praise the Lord.Today Xinxin is still doing very well.Her appetite is still very good, besides six times noodle and porridge, she had half an banana(She could finish one, but I asked to have only half),half an potato, one egg and two quail eggs.She kept asking for food. I have to control her.

In the morning, she played games and did some maths. She is really good at maths. She knows plus and minus.The daddy is proud of her. The afternoon, she did some puzzle games at home. She is not good at puzzles because we seldom practice it. After dinner, we went to Yinshun Park again to have some fresh air. Before we went home, she already complained very hungry.
Thank you very much for your praying and please continue to pray for her.

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匿名 说...

I remembered the seeweed product is very good in healing gut and stomach.

But not sure whether it is ok for kid like Xin xin.

Unknown 说...

Praise God!