August 28th, 2008 Thursday

The weather is very good in Singapore now.Everyday it rains and it's very cool which reminds me of the autumn in China.
Xinxin is still doing great and having great appetite.Today the whole day she is doing coloring and painting at home.After dinner, we went to Yishun Pond for a while.

Last night,we got a package from my friend Anne. She knows Xinxinn's situation last month.She sent her a pillow made by herself. On the pillow there are two photos of my family which I had sent to her before Xinxin's sickness.I was so touched to have it.The photos were taken in China. I can only find one now in the computer. Xinxin brings us a lot of good times and she is going to bring many many more.
Please continue to pray us more. Thank you.

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