Happy birthday To Xinxin

On Xinxin's birthday certificate,her birthday is August 23th,2004. But she was born in Oct. Because I know in China, if a child's birthday is after Sep.1st, he has to go to school one year later than those who were born before Sep 1st the same year. So when xinxin was born, I chose the Chinese lunar date for her birthday because I wanted her to go to school one year earlier.
Two days ago, xinxin received a birthday card from CCF. yesterday I also got a message mentioned about xinxin's birthday from a friend. To my surprise, in the morning,Emily's husband came to pass me a book and some presents for Xinxin. Of course Xinxin had a good time opening the gifts and was quite excited.So she enjoyed quite a lot.

Let me talk about my Friend-Emily. Her son was diagnosed to have cancer the same date as Xinxin. On Dec.8,2007, when I was waiting outside the CT room for xinxin. Emily was aslo waiting for her son. This was the first time we met. After that, I kept meeting them in KKH.Xinxin's first round of Chemo,xinxin's first time appointment in K clinc, We all met Emily and her son.At that time, I am free thinker.But when Emily and I were waiting to see the docotor in K clinic, a pastor came to talk to me. And from that day on, Emily knows I also need Him--God. She passed me one Chinese Bible and then put xinxin into her prayers and share our situation with her friends when she saw Xinxin was in the newspaper. From her, I know a lot friends like,Chongho,Bee, Christina, Tricia and a lot of friends who are praying for Xinxin everyday. I want to say thank you to all these friends and thank God for guiding all these people to support us.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you.