Sep 13th,2008 Saturday

Praise the Load and thank God.
Last night, before xinxin went to bed, she was warm. I took her temperature, it was 37.4. Later I took again it was 38.0. My husband took it again, it was 37.6. I knee down to pray for no fever of Xinxin. Then I pray with Xinxin again. After Xinxin went to bed. I pray with my husband one more time(he efused first, then agreed with me when I asked him the second time). And then I messaged almost all my friends. During night time, her temperature was around 37.5.
This morning, when Xinxin woke up, I took it again.Xinxin asked me if she was having fever. When I said NO, she quickly said Thank God. The whole morning she is still a bit warm. In the afternoon, I took it again, it was 36.4.
From last night till today, I never give her any medicine and she didn't drink anything as usual. She doesn't like water at all. Some more during sleeping time, she won't drink. The only thing, I did is that I pray as much as I can, and I asked as many friends as I can to pray for Xinxin.I trust in Him and I believe in prayers.
Thank you all for your prayers, God answers our prayers.

Xinxin is well today. She had one egg, a piece of fish and a banana except the plain porridge.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.
Wish everyone a blessed Mid-autumn festival

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Unknown 说...

Praise God! Praise the Lord for loving Xinxin and giving her such faith. Your faith healed her too. May He continue working on Shuyuan.