Sep 16th 2008 Tuesday

Xinxin had one time of blood in the stool today. It might because of her platelets low,her inside is bleeding. the doctor also couldn't find the reason. So we will observe and take some medicine to stop bleeding. So far she is fine and doesn't complain any pain except the Daddy knocked her head onto the wall. So we can see blue and black on the head.

Her appetite was not as good as the past few days. She is tired of plain porridge now. She wants to have rice and vegetables which we still haven't let her tried. She couldn't tolerate vegetables. But she finished one egg and a small piece of fish. My friend-Chen Jian, sent some fresh fish last night. Actually she always sends us fish. We do not need to buy fish even for adult as well. We only give a small piece to Xinxin, the rest will be in my stomach. HAHA...Chen Jian is the helping us from last year when Xinxin was diagnosed till now in many different ways. I thank God for sending such a good friend to us.

Pleas continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you a lot.