SEP 17th, 2008 Wednesday

Finally we decide to let her Make a Wish. Make-a-wish Foundation is an organization to help these cancer kids to realize their dreams.
Actually Xinxin doesn't have a Wish. She can talk but she doesn't really understand Wish. After talking with a few friends, I understand that she deserve to enjoy a little bit after ten times Chemo, one big surgery and a few times small surgery.
A volunteer came to our home and talked with us especially with Xinxin.After seeing her, and talking with her, they will decide what to do with her Wish. Xinxin loves Mini Mouse and Hello Kitty a lot. But I do not want her to have too many stuff toys since we are moving to HK soon. And we don't know when we will come back. Hopefully her Wish will come truth. If I could have a wish, I wish that no cancer patient in the world.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin, thank you.