Sep 20th,2008 Saturday

Xinxin is fine today except four times of diarrhea. It was thinking whether it is God that doesn't want Xinxin to try milk for some good reason I can not figure out yet now.She was quite OK for the past week.And today I didn't give her different food, but I was thinking to let her try milk soon. Because she is really very skinny and her protein is lower than the bottom line. My friend Longjiang who came to see us last weekend emailed me today to tell us how sad he was when he saw Xinxin turned into such a skinny little girl from a lovely angel.He also mentioned that he even dare not look at Xinxin's leg and arm that day because it is hurting a lot to see a child suffers so much.
Yes, we also feel very sad, but I believe God has his best plan for Xinxin and we can tell Xinxin is getting better and better.

Let us just for Xinxin and God will give her what she needs and not what we want. I believe God's choice is best and He will watch over Xinxin closely.