Sep 21th 2008, Sunday.

Today Xinxin starts her VMA free diet. It will last for three days and on the 24th of Sep, I will collect her urine for 24 hours and send to KKH on the 25th of Sep. VAM level can tell whether she is still having cancer cells in her body. The VMA was 128 when she was diagnosed, and the last time her VMA is 9.5 in June. If the VMA is below 6.5 means negative. So Xinxin actually improves a lot .We should thank God for taking good care of Xinxin.
VMA free diet means that certain food she can not have during these fours days including collecting day also.Actually, it is fine for her because she couldn't tolerate many things. The only thing which she will miss a lot is banana .

Today many friends came to our home to pray for Xinxin. We enjoyed a lot for the praying part.They planned to give Xinxin a birthday party.We made dumplings at home and had a good time.The only thing is that Xinxin can only watch us eating dumplings. I only let her tried two instead of a bowl to make her full. So far so good. I think it is God who asked these good friends come to tell us the Xinxin can tolerate dumplings now. So maybe I will let her try more tomorrow.We haven't had dumplings for half a year since we don't want Xinxin to be disappointed without eating.