Sep 26th,2008 Friday

Xinxin came to Ward 76 HHK to do the assessments today. Thank God, she didn't pass urine on the bed last night, so I finished collecting her 24 HOURS urine for VMA level. And today we started another 24 hours urine for kidney function, which will end at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
She did BMA and CT scan today. We still do not know the results next week. The doctor for BMA is really super today. Xinxin came out within half an hour.So I know God is watching over all these and of course aslo the results.

The only problem is that Xinxin is having very bad diarrhea with blood inside. So far they only find few yeast inside. Yeast again.She had so many times of watery stool, but she can still hold her urine, isn't that good?God is holding her hands and staying inside her.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you. Wish everybody a relaxing weekend.

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Unknown 说...

Thanks to God for watching over xinxin closely. Great weekend ahead to your family too!