Sep 27th,2008 Saturday

Xinxin is fine today. We finished the 24 hours urine collection though she had very bad diarrhea. Thank God that Xinxin is so good to separate urine with stool in different basins. We will know the result early next week.

Due to her diarrhea, the doctor asked us to stay over the weekend and wait for the stool result. So far only a few yeasts was found. But yeast is normal in our body, and her diarrhea is quite bad(9 times). And then Xinxin's party on this coming Monday has to change to the ward instead of the Disney Theme restaurant. And the worst thing is that Xinxin threw my cell phone on the floor a few times and the last time was yesterday for the reason I myself still don't know. So ...

The CT scan result is out-the tumor is still there and is stable, which means it is the same size( at least it's not growing).
I don't know we should feel happy or sad. My husband is definitely very sad. It seems that the last two rounds of chemo is useless and only made her suffer.
But who knows what it is? Even the report writes that the mass is likely to tumor. So my understanding is we will have to wait for other results and see her progress. The good thing is that it is not growing.Let's just trust in God, He cares for Xinxin and of course is in charge of the results.And HE is more than able to deal with the issues in my life. 'Be anxious for nothing…."

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thanks you very much.