Sep 28th,2008 Sunday

God can take the tears of yesterday and transform them into the miracles of tomorrow.
What a good sentence it is and it is true.I know Xinxin is progressing slowly but at least it is improving. One doctor was trying to tell me that even with treatment, she won't make it.And another doctor told me that he met Xinxin's situation before--that boy didn't make it. A friend introduced me to know some parents whose children were died of cancer and wanted me to see how strong they are. But I know God never let me down and never told me a word of dying. So I will just believe in Him and let us see how He is making it.

Thank God, Xinxin's diarrhea is improving.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. THank you.Wish you a blessed week ahead of you all.

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Unknown 说...

Amen to your faith! He'll never let you/us down! Great week ahead of you and your family too!

Carolyn Wing 说...

'[;/-I am happy XinXin is feeling better. Praying for you everyday.
God can take the tears of yesterday and transform them into the miracles of tomorrow. I love this. Hugs and prayers. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma page name LauraVDB

匿名 说...

Hang in there. If the tumor has been stable size wise, you should wait until the MIBG scan to show whether its still active neuroblastoma- it could be dead tissue. Can they surgically remove the tumor? Maybe when you get to hongking you can get a second opinion.

There are also lots of alternatives for yeast in the stool. Its often called c-difficile and and if this is the case, can be treated with a drug called flagyl as well as fluconizole. If the yeast is in the blood, that is a different situation but if its only in the stool, its probably c-difficile or c-diff. Good luck. Definitely get the MIBG scan soon because the CT does not tell the whole story.

Do not give up hope. There are plenty of stories of children surviving the very situation you are in.

匿名 说...

God will send angels along the way so don't give up :)