Sep 6th,2008 Saturday

Thank God,Xinxin is doing well today. She is eating well the whole day and can sit up do the coloring for a long time although her Hb is 7.2. Her blood counts is dropping very fast.That means the Chemo is killing everything in her body. Please pray this time the Chemo kills all the cancer cells.

Yesterday, the nurses took Xinxin's blood to send to SGH to test whether the Vaccination has been doing its job .Because this is an emergency situation, they only send a few patients. For those BMT patients, they also took their blood, but they gave them antibiotics as well. So the BMT patients blood result is not urgent, but Xinxin and other two patients' should send urgent to know the result. If it is positive, no need to worry. If negative, they can still give antibiotics today. (Today is the last day the antibiotics will work if it is negative, after four days contacting with the chicken pox patients,the antibiotics won't work and today is the fourth day)

The problem is that the doctor never tell me the result and until I went to ask the nurse in the morning. They figured out they forgot Xinxin, the worse thing is that they did not admit it. The nurse kept telling me that Shu Qin's situation is not as urgent as the other two.So they only sent the other two patients' blood for test first and they only trace these two first. It's really sad to see them telling lies.Making mistakes is not good, but if they try to arrange today and get the result today, everything is not too late.
The more we think, the more we felt sad. My husband asked them to ask the doctor to talk to us. The whole day, only the nurse talked about the problem with us.
So finally, they admitted they forgot Shu Qin, but they also said the result is not important, it is only for future use. We are really very tired to argue with them. It is too late to admit it, because they can only know the result next week,

Another thing is that the nurse forgot to wear gloves when she gave blood yo Xinxin through Port, which I did not realize until another nurse took blood with glove. When I asked them whether it is necessary to wear glove to give blood.Everybody just kept quiet.

I mean we felt thankful to have a lot of good and excellent doctors and nurses,Every time we came to the ward, Xinxin will receive presents from some of the nurses, which makes xinxin happy and we believe not every kids is as lucky as Xinxin.
The problem is that I hope they could do a better job on certain things.

Let's pray for Xinxin that no infection or Chicken pox will come to her. Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Peace be with you, dear sister. It's hard to take all these mistakes at this crucial moment of chemo. May your spirit be filled with peace knowing that God is watching over all these and He's in control. Since He allows all these to happen, Xin Xin will be fine. Don't worry,and continue being a good mother to Xin Xin and good wife to Shu Yuan. God loves Xin Xin more than you do. We'll continue praying that God takes care of and heal Xin xin completely. May you all have peace.

beetle bug 说...

Dear Joy,
research has shown, blood taking via the clave(the blue thing at the 3 way tap), is using a clean technique & not sterile technique. Sterile technique means wearing sterile gloves and not the other gloves.
In ICU, they don't even swab like us. Only clean once and take blood. We're taking precautions & monitoring for port infection so that we can quickly act.

I know ur concern, just like the other parents. And we're concern before too, questions of whether it is right. But if this is the current technique that has been used worldwide with no problem, then we should practice it. We have been using it for almost 3 weeks, and so far Thank God, we haven't seen any port infection.

It's all good now, so pls don't worry.