August 5th,2008 Friday

Thank God, Xinxin is still doing well. She had eight times of porridge and One egg. She could have two, but I did not give her in the afternoon, because she had one time loose stool. . But compare to yesterday, she is a little bit tired. I think the Chemo is doing its job now--kill all the bad cells (she blood count is going down).Today the doctor cut down her anti vomiting medicine since she didn't vomit for two days. They will keep her over the weekend.

One nurse from Ward 76 who was doing night duties on Tuesday was diagnosed with chicken pox. So it is very dangerous for all the kids in Ward 76, and they only check the blood for Xinxin since she had the chicken pox Vaccination when she was 14 months. For those who never had Vaccination , they give them antibiotisc. But they put those who contact with the nurse saty in one room. I think it's not suitable to put Xinxin together with those who never had Vaccination . But the nurse told me, XInxin is quite safe, and I shouldn't worry too much.It seems they can not understand. Yes, she is quite safe, so she should stay with those safer ones instead of staying with those who didn't have Vaccination kids.
Please pray for all of the kids and th e nurse.

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Unknown 说...

Dear Joy

So happy to hear that Xin Xin is eating well! As for the nurse, what a bad timing to get chicken pox especially when she is so close to many kids... sigh. I pray for God to cover Xin Xin with His precious blood so that no virus will be able to come near her! May the chemo treatment also kills off all the cancer cell and God's healing grace to continue to flow through her body. In Jesus name, Amen!

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匿名 说...

Great to know that everything is fine for Xin Xin now,althogh i can't everyday see her or help you to do something, but i know you are doing pretty well as a great Mum! keep it up and take good care of youself too! --rong

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Thank you,Rong.
Hopefully, we can see you in the next few day.