Oct 16th 2008 Thursday

Xinxin is still complaining leg pain and even bringing her to the toilet is a problem-I don't know where my hands should put. Other than that she is fine with good appetite as usual.We brought her downstairs twice today to have some sunshine. She enjoyed a lot and even went to the playground to play the slide for a while.

For her tummy, the nurse called me to tell that she will have an ultrasound on 24th of Oct. Since QMH is a government hospital, so everything must book earlier. So the date is actually quite fast. Some patients even wait for more days.

My friend-Mimi from Singapore went to QMH to see Xinxin, but we are at home. So I think I'd better put my phone number here in case anyone want to contact us.

So far my cell phone is 63791674. I will probably change into another number, because we have found a cheaper one. But I will update when I have a different one.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thanks a lot.