Oct.15th,2008 Wednesday

We are back home today. Xinxin did the MIBG scan again today.The doctors decided to discharge us and we will go back to see them in the clinics when the results are out.The appointment is on Oct 27th, which I think it is too long for us to wait, because Xinxin's last round of Chemo was on Sep 1st in KKH, and her counts are very good now-Anc was 2.66 last week.So I emailed the doctors and hope they will arrange it earlier.
I guess let's just pray for either Xinxin will be protected or the doctor will ask us to meet them as soon as they got the results and have a plan for Xinxin.

Xinxin is fine but started to complain the leg pain, and she can not walk properly if she walks. Actually she seldom walks at all, even when I carry her, she will scream if I touch some parts of her right leg. I am worried, and don't know what's wrong with her leg.
Please pray for that and pray for the wisdom of the doctors to make the best plan for Xinxin.Thanks a lot

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Unknown 说...

Dear Lord, pls watch over Xin xin and have mercy on her. May you be her shield!

匿名 说...

Yes, Joy. Please ask the doctors to push forward the chemo treatment. 1st sept was a long time. May God have mercy upon her and be with all of you always. I'll read her update every day to pray for her. May God give both of you, her parents strength too.

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