Oct 17th,2008 Friday

Xinxin is still complaining leg pain. She didn't sleep well last night--kept waking up due to the pain in the leg.
The daddy called the ward and they wanted us to send her to the ward. But I emailed Dr. Chan again to ask for his opinion. Actually, I can aslo call him, but I just hate to disturb the doctors by calling them, because they are really very busy. I emailed him to explain the situation and hope he can find the results of the MIBG and bone scans.

Thank God,he called the daddy and emailed to tell that they got the report of the scans and the plan is to start her on 2 cycle of chemotherapy (gemcitabine and oxaliplatin) and add antibody probably at the second course then see the response. And we will admit tomorrow instead of Oct29 as planned. So we are all happy about that.I had to talk to Xinxin about the admission to let her also get prepared.

The 2 drugs that Dr Chan prescribed are new drugs that are not provided by the Government. It will cost around HK$7800 for gemcitabine and HK$2200 for oxaliplatin for one course as they remember, but Dr.Chan is not sure about the price, The quotation was based on the previous patient's information and there may be some difference as of now .

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you and wish all a relaxing weekend.