Oct 18th, 2008 Saturday

We are back home now. Xinxin finished her Chemo(only four hours).

She is very tired and vomited once. She is still complaining leg pain. It's hard to tell the reason, but probably because of her disease. I recall that she actually had the problem for two weeks already--after we came to HK, she seldom walks.I think she just dare not tell us, because she is scared to the hospital.

Now, every time we go to QMK, i will have to talk to her for a long time and for several days.But she usuall will cry and cry for a long time, and finally asks me how long she will have to stay.There is some difference between two hospitals. In QMH, only the parents can stay with the kids, so my father will wait outside the whole day until Xinxin finishes the home cooked food and brings the container home and comes back the next day. And we don't understand the language here at all. And the parents are not allowed to eat in the ward and can not use the restroom. So We have to get used to the changes. Cure her is the most important thing.

I finally figure out the money of the two chemo drugs is 3650 HK dollars. So it's better than 10,000.
Thank you for our prayers. I don't know how to express my feelings. I am very sad seeing Xinxin's stubborn disease, but I won't give up. Please pray for the cure of Xinxin.

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beetle bug 说...

Hi Joy..
just monitor the blood counts especially with Gemcitabine. It can decrease the blood counts fast. Pls take care.


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XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Dear Nurul,
Thanks for reminding.lease send my regards to all the staff in Ward 76.We miss you all.

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Dear TaoTao daddy,
Thank you for sharing me the information. Yes, we will ask her to eat more.
Take care.And wish Taotao can goto school soon.