Oct 1st 2008, Wednesday

Happy Children's Day (in Singapore Oct.1st is Children's Day) and wish every child will have good health.

We had a very busy day packing, and it's still packing.
The daddy is very busy as my duty is only to play with Xinxin to let her not disturb the packing. Xinxin is fine today but had five times diarrhea. Please pray that it will be better tomorrow.

My friend Emily came to pray for us with her family and passed us the long john sent by Daisy.
In the afternoon, my friend Irene and her whole family came to pray for Xinxin and Xinxin was spoiled again with the gifts--very nice and warm clothes. Later you will see them in her photos.(By the way, our camera was broken, so I can not post her photos now )
At night, my friend Xiu Zhen came to see us with her two girls.
I want to thank God for sending so many good friends to kept helping, praying and spending their own time with us.

I will try to update tomorrow when we arrive HK if we have Internet at where we live.
Please continue to pray for us. And do not worry about us because God will be with us. Thank you- my friends for you support, I may not be able to thank you one by one, but God knows and we will remember you in our hearts.