Sep 30th 2008 Tuesday

Thank God-we are discharged today since Xinxin didn't have diarrhea for two days and the stool culture showed negative. My friend Jean came to fetch us home, which is very nice of her to use her time to help us. And my friends Jin Yuan, Li Yun and Mimi came to see us in the afternoon after we came back home.

Xinxin's bone marrow result is out- still positive. And we will admit to the ward in QMH this Friday for further treatment. Whatever happens I trust his healing hands and I believe Xinxin is blessed to have so many God-send angels to help us to pass through.
Tomorrow we will be very busy packing.And my friend-Emily has arranged cars to send us to the airport. And one of my friend will look after our flat in SINGAPORE. So please do not worry anything. And continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you very much.

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Unknown 说...

The Lord bless you! God love you, xinxin! May He be with you, always.