Oct 21 2008, Tuesday

Xinxin is still complaining leg pain, and I am scared to give her pain killers.So today I didn't gave her the pain killers. I gave her sweets instead. She complained once a while and I can't touch her right leg at all.The whole day, she was lying down on the the bed or on the sofa to watch some videos.She only stood up for two minutes when I was showering her. Her right leg is swollen a little bit. I think I have to highlight it to the doctor when we go back to QMH on Friday.She had a four-hour nap.

Now she is tired of egg and dumplings, she likes porridge again.
In the afternoon when I was cooking for her, she called me suddenly and told me that she is going to be alright at the age of six which is still two years to go. From the time when she was diagnosed till now, it was like a life long time already. I definately want to to be healthy asap.But if in two years, she can be completely cured, I am willing to do anything to help her.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin, It's so unfair to let her suffer so much, which I can not figure out the reason. But I believe God is holding her hands to let her go through all these.