Oct.22nd, 2008 Wednesday

I am supposed to tell you some good news of Xinxin. But She is still in pain and can only lie on the bed the whole day.And it's really hard to bring her to the toilet, because I can not touch her leg at all.

The good thing is that she kept telling me what she will do when she feels better, and she is planning a trip to Disney land when we move to Qingyi next week, which is very near to Disneyland. After considering many things, the daddy decides to live in Qingyi which has a better environment, but still quite far from QMH.

Please continue to ray for Xinxin.Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Whereabouts in Tsing Yi? The neighbourhood around Tsing Yi MTR Station is quite nice and it's only a few MTR stops from Central. Hope you guys will have a smooth transition moving to the new place.

Jenn & Adrian

Liam's Friends at OXO 说...

I wanted to tell you that we feel your pain and wish you and XinXin our love and support. We have been fighting neuroblastoma in the US with our son Liam for more than a year now. He has recieved the antibodies you mentioned and has been under the care of Dr. Kushner at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the hospital that developed the 3f8 antibody treatment. You might find our blog helpful since we have chronicaled our experiences, feelings, and Liam's treatment. We have also started a non profit foundation to fight back against this disease called Cookies for Kids' Cancer.



Our hearts and prayers are with you.