Oct 24th,2008 Friday

Dear friends, thank you for your prayers.Please continue to pray for Xinxin,because I believe God has a kind heart and he will heal Xinxin no matter what the doctor said--there will be little chance of a cure for Xinxin, her situation is getting worse compared the results here in QMH to those in KKH.

The doctor explained that the leg pain is because of the cancer cells spreading to the leg, so we are back home with more pain killers after a blood transfusion .I am happy the doctor never talk about the quality of life which I think saving a life is more important right now.
I believe if God wanted us to give up, he will never guide us to HK for the better treatment and won't send so many angels to go through the difficult times with us. He has a good reason for the results.Let us just do not give up.
Wish everybody a good weekend.

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匿名 说...

I'm very sad to hear that, Joy. Can the doc do some radiation on the part effected before chemo?


匿名 说...

Yes, You are very right. Do not worry.