Oct 25th,2008 Saturday

Thank God, Xinxin's leg is not as painful as it was.We brought Xinxin to a park nearby in the morning and we had a good time. After that the daddy cooked some special food for all of us.Xinxin had one bowl of rice with steamed fish for lunch and nine dumplings for dinner.We all had a great time at home. It's really nice to be peaceful without thinking of NB.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin,we appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Our blessings are with you.

匿名 说...

Hi Joy,

It's so nice to see Shuqin smiling on the photo. My heart hurts so much when her legs are painful. You must be tired looking after her. Do rest while you can. We will journey together but it's little things that we could do for you.

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Praying for Xinxin is nothing better.Please continue to pray for Xinxin.