Oct.3rd,2008 Friday

Hi, all friends, every thing is fine. This morning, xinxin was admitted to ward C6 of queen mary hospital HK, and because she has the right to stay in HK from Oct 2nd,2008 to Oct 2nd 2009, so the admission department considered she as the eligible patient to get the medical subsidy in QMH, this is really a good news to get the confirmed answer.

Today has no any treatment in QMH, only different level doctors come to check xinxin and asked some questions about the treatment in KKH, the same as in Singapore, the service from doctor and nurse are very gentle and professional, but the hardware of ward is not as good as KKH, when xinxin heard here also has CCF(children's cancer foundation), she want to play in side, but unfortunately here doesn't has one playing room for child, only can rent some books or toys from them.

Eating here is more expensive than in SG, maybe more than double the price and we don't have enough choice. Also we can't rent one laptop in QMH, because XinXin is under 7 years, we can take our laptop to ward, but we can't use their electric source in ward, we can't eat any afforded food from QMH for baby if they can't finished it.

Joy has applied the HK id card this afternoon,for Children under 11 years can't get one ID card, so XinXin will take her passport for admission to QMH all the times.

Joy will update more when she can get into Internet.

Thanks a lot.

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Unknown 说...

good to hear that everything is fine. take care, and don't worry about money for the Lord provides.
Blessings... f

匿名 说...

This is Emily! I am soooooo happy that Xin Xin is eligible patient to entitle to subsidy. God is really making this trip very smooth and putting everything in place...accomodation, Shu Yuan's job, immediate admission and review by QMH and Xin's eligible status. Praise the Lord! nothing is impossible for Him. He loves Xin Xin and will take good care of her and all of you. Even in times of difficulty, seek God for help and you will receive great blessings. Amen!