Oct,4th, 2008 Saturday

Dear friend, thank you very much for your prayers. We are doing fine.We miss you very much .
We admitted to C6 yesterday morning, since the ward told us to get there asap. But they only review her history of treatment and did A LOT OF BLOOD tests. And I had to go to the Immigration department in the afternoon to get my HK IC ready.(the appointment time is in the morning) Xinxin was staying with the grandfather in the ward.( I need the daddy to help me, since it's the first time for me to come to HK, the daddy is holding an HK IC)
Thank God, my IC is also very smooth.After I got everything done, I came back to QMH, the grandfather was crying outside the ward, Xinxin was crying inside.Xinxin missed me a lot, and didn't want grandfather. And because it's her first day here, she didn't want the nurse at all. If in KKH, it shouldn't be a problem, all those nurses are just like her friends.
The good thing here is that Xinxin is trying to eat the hospital food now. At lease she can have something before her home-cooked food come to the hospital.
The only problem, we met here is that we need her Portacath needle from Singapore. The kids with cancer here never use Portacath, they use lines instead of Portacath. We bought the Portacath needle for Xinxin, they only have one size, which is too big for her here. Thank God that one of the nurses in QMH( I never met before) will go to HHK next week. And she is willing to help us to get the needles from KKH if they are willing to give her. And I will have to confirm with the sister in ward 76 to see whether they can let us buy 20 at a time. Please pray for that.

Xinxin went home with the needles today for Home Leave since it is weekend today. In KKH, it will not be allowed to go home with the needle still on. But... the doctor asked us to go back to ward next Monday. Xinxin's doctor is out for a meeting now, so the final plan is not known yet. I think she will do the MIBG scan soon and harvest first before any treatment.I will update when I know more. If Xinxin admit, I might not update, but do not worry about us, we will be just fine.
Thanks a lot for your prayers.