Sep7th,2008 Tuesday

Thank God, we are having a blessed Public holiday in HK. We went to a park near where we live in the morning. And in the afternoon, we went downstairs for a while.Xinxin is doing fine--kept asking for noodles.But she looks very tired these few days.

Tomorrow we will go to QMH to meet her doctor-Dr. Chan(the same family name as the doctor in HHK, but different doctor). He will come back from the meetings. And we will probably know the plan for Xinxin.
Let's just pray for Xinxin.Thanks a lot.

I may not update tomorrow if I do not bring the laptop to hospital. Here in QMH, everything I have to prepare by myself. Like the quilt for myself at night, and tissue paper, all these things we can not order from hospital and there is no place to buy in hospital.Even Xinxin's snack, I have to prepare some also. So we will have a lot of things to take.

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匿名 说...

I just read the description of the new life in HK. The thing that I feel happy enough is XinXin can eat something now and no vomit, such as noddles. It is a sign that the curement has made great effects on XinXin. Hence, If this good situation can be lasted for several monthes, I think with the special concerns of God, XinXin can recover from this illness and having a good life forever. I will show the pray of mine to XinXin, the almighty and merciful God, I am the uncle of XinXin, I hope you can show your mercy to XinXin and to my brother. The suffering will be disappered as soon as possible.
The grandfather and grandmother in the mainland also will pray for their lovely granddaughter. All will be became the history, and the health will re-obtained just in a day not near from today.

匿名 说...

I just read one mistake in it. It should be appeared as "the health will re-obtained just in a day not far from today." in the last sentence.