HOW A MIRACLE WAS made on Oct9th,2008 Thursday

Hi, dear friends,my husband send me the laptop to the ward, so I can update the situation.

Xinxin is still doing great. (even one doctor here mentioned that Xinxin is so strong after so many rounds of Chemo).We admitted to ward C6 yesterday and they asked us to an x-ray for nothing just because they want us to do every test again and they want to have a better understand of Xinxin. Today she did a heart ultrasound and a hearing test. Thank God everything is normal. That means after ten rounds of strong chemo, her organs are all normal. Even her hearing(high frequency) used to have problem after eight rounds of Chemo. And today they gave her a very detail test. The doctors were impressed that Xinxin was so patient to cooperate and clever to consentrate for half a hour. She had to show reaction to the sound she hear. Thank God for the healing hand on Xinxin.

For the needle of her port a cath, it's already settle. My friend, Emily bought a box of the needles and passed them to a friend who is flying to HK tomorrow. Thank those who helped us in doing these,and thank God for making it arranged.

Yesterday at 7pm plus, a doctor came to talk to me that they wanted her previous slides of biopsy and bone marrow as soon as possible. I was quite worried, one thing is that KKH will not release. Before we came to HK, they didn't give me the films when I was willing to pay. The other thing is how to get it?

I asked my husband to call my friend --Emily to see how(My cell phone won't have enough money since I was in hospital). I know a lot of friends are also doing help later by Emily's emails, and I want to thank these friends again for helping us, like ChongHo-he is always a great helper and the doctors and nurses and my friend,Emily who is spending a lot of her time and money in making it.I didn't expect it would settled so fast, but with God's arrangement and friends help, it is just a miracle.

.Please read the letter from my friend Emily to her friends, and see how the miracle was made:(in her letter she mentioned a doctor-Dr. Ha, he is the only senior doctor came to see Xinxin when Xinxin's doctor was out for a meeting, so he knows us as God planned to let Dr.Ha knows us before he went to Singapore to have the conference)

Please continue to pray for Xinxin, nothing is impossibile. We trust his healing hands in contraling everything.

Emily's letter to her friends

Dear Friends,

God answers prayers and He is so wonderful. Yesterday after I sent out this mail, I was rather worried. In such a short time, can I get the sample which I later came to know that they are slides of her previous biopsy and bone marrow. Will KKH released these slides?? Joy shared that for films, they don't even release even though Joy was willing to pay. How should we handle these slides? Are they "live" samples that need special care and immigration rules might apply. Maybe we need to FedEx them or what? God even promptly me that my own brother is flying to HK this Sun and later this morning, another friend informed me that her sister is flying back to HK next Wed. So I have a few "delivery options" but I don't know much about the slides, whether KKH is willing to release. Immediately last night I called the Ward and asked if Dr Chan will be doing her round this morning so that i can ask her. They asked me to call back at 10am. With that, I prayed and learnt to leave the whole matter to God to guide and arrange.

In the morning, the ward nurse told me that Dr Chan is hosting a conference and is very busy. That explains why she did not reply to QMH's email for the slides. So the medical officer and houseman (Trainee doctor) helped out tremedously. First I convey the required slides (luckily Joy sent me the email that QMH sent to Dr Chan) to the houseman Dr Siew. Dr Siew then conveyed QMH requirements to the medical Officer (MO) who will be meeting Dr Chan at the conference and seek her approval. Dr Siew said she will call back on Friday.

In the afternnon, Dr Siew called back and said Dr Chan approved the release but we have to make payment first. Later she was so nice to trust that as long as I verbally agree to make payment, she can ask the Lab to go ahead with the processing. Usually for everything, KKH need you to make payment first before they process, so this is an exception. Altogether there are 18 slides and likely to collect tomorrow. Wow 18 slides, how is my brother going to handle that. Dr Siew gave me another option which I suppose is from Dr Chan. There is a Dr Ha from QMH here in Singapore attending the same conference as Dr Chan. So tomorrow when the slides are ready in the afternoon, the MO will collect from the lab and bring it to Dr Ha via Dr Chan and Dr Ha will fly back to HK on Sat. As a doctor, I am sure he/she can handle these alides better or at least be able to explain to the immigration if questioned. I just need to bring down the payment to Ward76 before noon tomorrow.

A dear friend of ours and also a dear friend of Joy and Xin Xin called me last night and offered to bear the FedEx costs if necessary. He also agreed to pay for the slides when I sms him the outcome. What's better is his niece works in KKh and immediately, he contacted his niece and she went to ward76 to pass them the payment. Everything went so smoothly that you wonder if s special power is at work. Yes, God answers prayers.

Actually this morning, another friend of mine also called to highlight the likely problems with bringing the slides out of Singapore and also offer to help finance the courier costs if it needs to be sent by FedEx. At that time I still don't know if they are live or dead samples. Later Dr siew assured me that the slides are "dead" and don't need any special handling except that theya re glass and hence fragile not any special immigration approval. In the morning when I spoke to my friend, I did not share with her that with so little information, there is really nothing much we can do but just leave it to God which is what I was doing the whole morning. My role is just call here and there and coordinate everything that God has already put in place.

Hence, this is really great! God is so good....God is almighty....Let us learn to pray and leave things that is out of our control (an even those within our control) to God's plan and guidance....Halleiluya!!

Thanks for your prayers in this matter. Without them, nothing is possible. We also thank the many people who contact me to help...thanks a lot! Thank you ward 76 nurses and doctors.....Thank you Chong Ho.....Thank you GOD!!!

Let's continue to pray... that the slides will be ready as planned by tomorrow... the MO can deliver on time to Dr Ha....bless Dr Ha with smooth flight back to HK and the slides are all safe and intact....QMH receive them safely and make good use of them to access Xin Xin's condition and come up with the best treatment plan for her!!! Emily

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Unknown 说...

Wow! Amazing! Praise God! and praises to God! God is good all the time! Yes, let's press on! Jia you, xin xin!

匿名 说...

It seems normal that every hospital will do all the test again, since they do not trust the result of test in other hospital. I was in the blood hospital before, and they did the same. It seems large and good hospital has their own testing system, and they will not just accept the result, just like our experiment, those professors will not just see the result, they always check the way we did it, and they have their own professional analysis.