Xinxin is Four years old

Thank God, we are doing fine. After talking with the doctor in QMH, they agree to let Xinxin stay at home until Wednesday.Xinxin is not complaining the leg pain during the day time. I think it might because of cold. The weather here is cool but Xinxin only wear shorts or panties at home. I am asking her to wear pants at night and see how.

I want to thank my friend Emily who is trying different ways to get needles of the portacath for Xinxin since ward 76 can't sell it to us. And our doctor friend-Mr. Chui also tries to help us on the needles. My friend Pat is also concern about it. So do not worry, with the help of friends, it's going to settle.

Today is Xinxin's 4th birthday. We didn't celebrate it.But we did sing her the birthday song.How I want to send you the photos of her. She looks quite healthy.But the camera was broken, we will have to wait until next month's pay day of the daddy.

Xinxin was born in China on Oct.6th,2004. She was having a very normal and happy life during her time in China. On Oct 13th, 2006, at the age of two,we went to Singapore. She started her life in a different country, and she enjoyed quite a lot of the summer time all the year round.

One day after her After her 3rd birthday, she started vomiting and having low fever for 20 days. And two months of her 3rd birthday, on Dec 8th,she was diagnosed to have childhood cancer called NEUROBLASTOMA. And on that day I met my friend Emily, our life changed from that day on.
This year oct.2nd, we came to Hongkong for the treatment with God's plan.

Looking back the last ten months, we are blessed to have sooo... many friends to help us go through it.I apologize for not being able to name all these friends.Let's praise the Lord for making it.
No one knows what will happen tomorrow, so let us just treasure the day we are having now.And we know god has a very good plan for us. Do not worry about tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Happy B'day Xin Xin! Wish you all the best and many more to come. Last but not least, stay healthy and be happy! Look forward to meeting you in person.

Jenn & Adrian