Nov 14th 2008 Friday

Dear friends, I am sorry I couldn't update our situation,because we were in the isolation room, although her blood and stool culture are all negative finally before we came back.
Thank you for your email and comments.
We are back to our sweet home tonight after receiving the chemo therapy last Friday and five days of 3F8 antibody therapy which is best treatment for stage 4 NB kids.

Thank God for providing Xinxin the best treatment with the best doctors.

The only side effect of 3F8 is severe pain. Xinxin was on morphine before and after the treatment. it was so painful that she cannot tolerate even with morphine, I will try to post the videos during the treatment.It is too large to post here. I have to figure out how to post.

We were very boring because we couldn't use computer and the only channel of the TV is in Cantonese which is a foreign language to us. Thanks to the books my friend Nancy, Joe and Howard send to Xinxin from USA a few days ago when we were in hospital.Xinxin had a great time with her favorite books.

Our next appointment is to go back to QMH to do the ROT(I guess it means radio therapy). We will have to call the ward to know the date because I don't want the appointment time on Monday.

I will try to write more tomorrow about 3F8 treatment since I am too tired.In the isolation room, we have to obey lots of rules like sleeping time (11pm to 6am) and no shower because they don't allow parents to use the Toilet.And no vistors at all, that's why my friend-Maggie couldn't meet us when she came to see Xinxin in QMH.
Anyway thank God, we can survive.Please continue to pray for Xinxin.Thank you/Wish all a good weekend.