Nov.12th,2008 Wed

Hi, friends, Xinxin is still in Ward 7N QMH for the 3F8 treatment began on this Monday, every day with one 3F8 injection, then with a sudden sense of pain from body, at fist time on this monday afternoon, after finished injection, Xinxin began crying out with pain, then the nurse run to inject morphine, then Xinxin quickly got asleep, At around 6pm, Xinxin wake up without any pain, So don't worry about the great pain from 3F8, Xinxin is so brave and she is not afraid of this treatment.

So far now, every thing is ok, 3F8 is different to Chemo, no any side effect during treatment. The first cycle treatment will last for 5 days, Xinxin may back to home on this Sat.

Thank you for all your concerns to Xinxin.

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XinXin is such a brave girl!